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Pangkalan Bun, the Past Glory of the Great Harbor

Pangkalan Bun is a capital city of the Prefecture of Kotawaringin Barat, the Province of Central Kalimantan in Indonesia. Pangkalan Bun is a small city in Central Kalimantan with the amazing scenery. Pangkalan Bun is a nautical city, that is why in Pangkalan Bun there is a harbor that services many ships from all over Indonesia for example like Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Solo Palangkaraya, and many other regions in Kalimantan Island. Even though Pangkalan Bun city is a small city, but Pangkalan Bun nautical wealth is rich. Besides the water transportation and nautical wealth, Pangkalan Bun also has many gardens; there are some plants which have gardens in Pangkalan Bun.

Pangkalan Bun

Pangkalan Bun

In the past, Pangkalan Bun is a Kingdom country. Pangkalan Bun was ruled by Kotawaringin kingdom, and Kotawaringin kingdom has the main and famous harbor in Pangkalan Bun, named Pangkalanbun, that is why this city is named with Pangkalan Bun. But, in the late 19th century, exactly in the year 1841, Kotawaringin kingdom was left by the royal family and moved to the other place, Pangkalan Bun and its harbor became deserted harbor that also happened with the nautical economy and trade in this harbor and city.

kubu beach

Kubu Beach in Pangkalan Bun

Kalimantan culture in Pangkalan Bun is very thick in there. From the traditional dances which are very famous in Pangkalan Bun and the other Kalimantan traditional culture performances are very often to be performed in local ceremony, especially those Kalimantan traditional culture performances is usually performed in the traditional ceremony and local government ceremony. Besides in the formal event and formal ceremony, the traditional culture in Pangkalan Bun is also performed in the villages in Pangkalan Bun.

There are many interesting places in Pangkalan Bun, as Kalimantan is well known as the nature wealth such as mining and the rainy forests that have many characters of floras and faunas, there are many interesting places to be visited in Pangkalan Bun, such as like Tanjung Puting National Park, which has many diversity of floras and faunas in there and as the central conservation of Kalimantan unique fauna which has been very famous globally, Orang Utan. The transportation in Pangkalan Bun is dominated by water transportation, you can go there by boat or by road, since in Pangkalan Bun has been built Trans Kalimantan road, and so many road transportation passes this city. The distance of Pangkalan Bun from the airport is near, since the airport is located in the Pangkalan Bun city.