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Pekanbaru, a Busy Trading Port on the Bank of Siak River

Pekanbaru in Riau is known as the prosperous region in Indonesia. Pekanbaru is located in the east of Indonesia along with Sumatera Island; Pekanbaru also has its archipelago. There are ten prefectures in Riau, and the capital of Province of Riau is Pekanbaru. In the historical aspect, Pekanbaru was named by Portuguese military in the 1514, when they were browsing on the Siak River, and they named it with Rio, which meant with river in the Portuguese language. Pekanbaru at that time was the kingdom country and located in Pekanbaru itself, long way before Indonesia was built and independent. There was a kingdom in Pekanbaru, Kasultanan Siak Sri Inderapura, which was built by Little King. And Pekanbaru was a part of the governance under the kingdom of Kasultanan Siak Sri Inderapura. After the governance of Dutch Indie in Indonesia, all of the kingdom in Indonesia at that time, ruled by Dutch colony, included Kasultanan Siak Sri Inderapura. And after the lost of Japan and Dutch in the World War II, and after the struggle of Indonesians in fighting their independent, Pekanbaru and Riau became the part of the Republic of Indonesia.


Pekanbaru City

In Pekanbaru, the population is dominated by Melayu ethnic, although there are other ethnics who live in there, like Javanese, Minangkabau, Batak, and many more. And the most popular cultural tradition ceremony in Pekanbaru is Petang Megang Tradition, it has been held since Kasultanan Siak was stood. Petang Megang Tradition is held only to welcome the fast month by muslims in Pekanbaru. This tradition is a legacy of the Pekanbaru Kingdom at that time, that is Kasultanan Siak Sri Inderapura, or it can be called as Siak Kingdom of Pekanbaru, Riau. This ceremony is the most attractive ceremony in Pekanbaru.

mall of pekanbaru

Mall of Pekanbaru

The international airport in Riau is located in Pekanbaru, the capital city of Province of Riau. So the location of the airport from the downtown is not too far, because it is located in the capital city, Pekanbaru. Besides, there are many transportations there, you can use the transportation by the tourism agency, or you can go by yourself by using taxi, or other public transportation. But if you want to go to the unreachable distance by car or walk, you can rent a Fokker-50 from PT. Riau Air, the air transportation, which you can see the view of amazingPekanbaru from up in the air.