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Ponorogo, the City which is Famous by the Reog Traditional Performance

Ponorogo is a capital city of the Prefecture of Ponorogo, this city is located under the territory of the Province of East Java, Indonesia. The location of the Ponorogo city is near with the Province of Central Java. Reog is famous by the city of the traditional performaeasnce, since in this city there is the most famous performance in East Java that is Reog performance. Reog is a performance of the dancer wearing a huge evil mask. This is the icon of Ponorogo city, and besides Reog, Ponorogo is also famous by the religious aspect, since in Ponorogo there is a famous Islamic school, Gontor.


Ponorogo City

In the past, Ponorogo was the territory under the rule of Mataram kingdom, until the split of Mataram kingdom by the Giyanti agreement, Ponorogo is a region which was ruled by local resident, until the coming of Dutch colony in Indonesia, just like the other regions in Indonesia, Ponorogo was also ruled by the Dutch colony. Under the Dutch colonialism, Ponorogo learned to learn the modern administration included the urban set of the city. Besides the urban, Ponorogo also built by European style buildings by the Dutch. That is why up until now there are many Dutch style buildings in Ponorogo include the local government offices in Ponorogo.



The traditional culture in Ponorogo is Javanese traditional culture, since in the past Ponorogo is the territory of Mataram kingdom in Central Java. Besides the culture Ponorogo is also famous by the local traditional culture performances, the one most famous performance in Ponorogo and even it is famous in Indonesia that is Reog performance. Reog is a unique traditional performance from Ponorogo. Reog is a performance performed by the dancers with huge evil mask and dance in the line of crowd. This is the interesting performance you should see in Ponorogo.

reog ponorogo

Reog Ponorogo

The transportation in Ponorogo city is road transportation, since there is no air port in Ponorogo, the main transportation in there is by road. There are many public transportation like buses, trains or cabs, besides public transportation, in Ponorogo also has the other private transportation such as like motorcycles or private cars. The distance from the air port which is located in the Province of Central Java, because Central Java is the nearest location that has air port, the distance from the air port is about 100 Km, and can be reached by the public bus from Central Java.