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Pontianak, an Equator City on the Banks of the Indonesia’s Longest River

Pontianak is located in West Kalimantan it is a capital city and also it is a province of Republic of Indonesia, that is located in Kalimantan island, in the north island of Indonesia. Pontianak is well known as the province’s city of thousand rivers, because of the river is the main transportation for the loads and the economy. Since Pontianak is a capital city, and Pontianak holds an important role in economy and business, there are many comers come from rural villages, which is many in Pontianak and other regions from Kalimantan and there are no other kind of transformations in the villages beside boat on the river. So, river is a main transportation of the rural village to buy or sell goods from or out the village, and Pontianak is the main destination. From the historical aspect, long way before Indonesia, includes Kalimantan was ruled by Dutch-Indie, Pontianak is a region of Majapahit. And in the 17th century, Pontianak is a region of Kasultanan Banjar. By the coming of Dutch with their military, VOC, Dutch who has the famous cunning political step, that was Devide Et Impera, which was successfully used in the other region in Indonesia such as Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and many more, Pontianak kingdom slowly ruled by the VOC or Dutch-Indie. And by that time, all the kingdoms in Pontianak stood under Dutch-Indie government until the independence of Indonesia, and in the 1957, officially West Kalimantan became the Province with Pontianak as the capital city.


Pontianak City

Kalimantan is world famous by the rain forests. So does the Capital city, Pontianak. Pontianak is surrounded by forests. There are many forests with the unique floras and faunas there. Besides, in Pontianak also has the traditional culture, like the dance; there are Minong dance, Pingan dance, Jonggan dance, Kondan dance, and Zapin dance. Especially in Pontianak, also has its local ethnic; there is Dayak ethnic which is the most popular because of the oral literary, like Kollomoi/second age, Tahtum/Third age, and many more. Once you get there, make sure you visit Katulistiwa/equal line monument which is built in the line of equal from the globe, Pontianak Zoo and if you want to see the historical legacy of Pontianak, go to Kasultanan Kadariah in Pontianak. The main transportation to get there is by plane, and the international airport is Supadio Airport, which is located 17km from the Pontianak. It is quite near from the downtown, and it provides taxi or bus by tourist agency.