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Ramayana Ballet : Don’t Miss it While You Visit Prambanan

The traditional but marvelous attraction of Ramayana Ballet is often considered as a beautiful art performance and there are many people who really love to watch this performance because there are complete Javanese traditional attractions which can be seen such as the drama, music and dance as well. By the way, this is the performance which always tell about the story of Ramayana as a legendary epic which written on Sanskrit language by the historical writer called as Walmiki.

Ramayana Ballet

Further Info about Ramayana Ballet

All tourists and visitors from Indonesia and other countries can always watch this performance on some historical places such as Prambanan Temple on Yogyakarta or even on the opera show buildings. Usually this performance is held when the moonlight is come at night, and this is a great time for people to watch it. This story is actually adopted from the oral story came from India and it is consists of the four scenes. The first scene is about how Shinta is being kidnapped by the villain evil, the second is about the importance of Anoman mission, the third is about Rahwana’s death and the last is the romantic story between Rama and Shinta.

Ramayana Ballet - Rama And Sinta

See the Performance of Ramayana Ballet

The entrance ticket will come on various prices, depends on the location of this performance is taking place, and when you see it on the Prambanan Temple the entrance fee will be around IDR 200.000. You can always go to the Prambanan Temple on Yogyakarta passing through Laksda Adisucipto Street, to visit this Hindu Temple.

Ramayana Ballet - Show