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Sabang, the Exotic Island Located in the Westernmost of Indonesia

Sabang is a city which is still located in the Special District of Aceh, in Sumatera Indonesia. Sabang is well known as the westernmost island in Indonesia, this is the first island that is the first from the western of Indonesia, besides known as the westernmost island of Indonesia, Sabang also well known as the free trade zone in Indonesia, and as the northernmost spot in Indonesia.



During the World War II, Sabang is the most important island as the harbor in the Southeast Asia. Because Sabang is located in the strategic area, it makes Sabang is known as the free trade zone in Indonesia, because since the Dutch colony in Indonesia, this island was very famous for the harbor and for trade. During the Independence of Indonesia, Sabang also had the important role in keeping the struggle of Indonesia, Sabang stood as the important harbor for the Indonesian military during the independence war with Dutch and Japan. Today, Sabang is set by the Indonesian government as the free trade zone in the 2000.


Sabang Free Harbor

Basically, the culture of sabang is not different with Aceh, since it is still in one region and one ethnic, that is Melayu ethnic, Sabang culture is very interesting tobe discovered, from the local traditional unique food to the traditional dance, and Ratéb Meuseukat dance id the most famous and unique dance, once you get there you must see this dance, this dance includes one of the most famous dances in Indonesia. It is an interesting dance performed by all female dancers with the unique move style accompanied with music.


Sabang Beach

There are many interesting places to be visited in Sabang, the one of them is the zero memorial monument, this is a famous spot in Sabang, because in this place is the first spot of extensive calculations of Indonesia from Sabang to Meuroke city, that is why if you are in there, you are like in the westernmost area in Indonesia, this is an interesting place really.

Sabang doesn’t have any airport since Sabang is a island city, the transportation to get there is by boat or rented car carried by boat of course. The air transportation only can be reached in Aceh, and then you have to go by car and boat to the Sabang Island. In sabang you can rent a car to the transportation or you can go by traditional transportation or public transportation.