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Samarinda, Historic City on the Banks of the Mahakam River

Samarinda is the gate city to the East Kalimantan of Indonesia. The city of Samarinda known for its Mahakam River, the longest river in Kalimantan. This is the icon of the city, and a pride of the local people. Mahakam river has an really important role in East Kalimantan. There is garden in the bank of Mahakam River. The garden aimed to beautify the city of Samarinda. It is a perfect place to get closer with the locals. Shiratal Mustaqiem Mosque which established in 1881, the oldest in Samarinda, also the icon of the city.


Samarinda City

The city of Samarinda also the most populous in the whole of Kalimantan, with its icons and attractions. The sarong is also one of the famous icons of the Samarinda since the fine sarong cloth made in this city became popular throughout Indonesia. The Tenun Ikat (a woven fabric) also popular in Samarinda. It is easy to find the craftsmen of Tenun Ikat with their traditional loom called “Gedokan”, especially in Bugis tribe villages.


Mosque in Samarinda

If you want to watch the unique life of the tribe in Kalimantan, the Village of Pampang is one of the most popular. Here is where we can see all the uniqueness of the Dayak Kenyah tribe. There are also Lamin, the traditional house of the tribe, and some traditional dances and ceremonies as the attraction. Since about 80% of the East Kalimantan area is covered by forest, it is a perfect place for tourist especially for those who love the wildlife nature. The natural richness said to be holding about 90% of the tourist attraction in this place, while only 10% artificial tourism object made to support the tourism sector in the area. Experience cruising on a riverboat through the Mahakam River obviously will be the unforgettable, unique and rare moment for your travel. Visiting the unique villages such as the wooden village of Muara Muntai, where the roads are made of wood, is truly unique. Spending the night at a Dayak traditional house completed your forestry travel.


Samarinda Harbor

There are many airports and flights which connecting between the big cities in Kalimantan. But due to the regular flight services to Jakarta, the most common starting points of many travelers in East Kalimantan are Balikpapan and Samarinda. Temindung Airport is the airport in the center city of Samarinda. Since the Temindung is in the center of the city, there is a better airport which planned to begin to serve the flights in 2013 named Samarinda Baru Airport.