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Sofifi, A Beautiful City in Amazing Halmahera Island

Sofifi is a city in the west coast of an Indonesian island named Halmahera. Halmahera itself  is the largest island in the north Maluku. Sofifi is categorized as a young capital city. It became the capital city of the North Maluku province since 2010. Yes, Sofifi replaced the largest city in North Maluku, Ternate, as the capital city since August, 4 2010. It takes as long as 11 years to make the readiness of infrastructures before return back the capital status to Sofifi. There were a hundreds of speed of boats convoy marked the removal. The speed boats brought thousands of civil servants led by the North Maluku Governor, Thaib Armayin, to Sofifi.


Sofifi City

Sofifi is situated in the Halmahera Island of North Maluku. A perfect place for escape you from your routines. Perfect sea water, beaches and sunset will jazz up your travel in the capital city. You can reach the Sofifi city from the largest and former capital city of North Maluku province, Ternate. There is a Kota Baru port which connects Ternate and Sofifi via boats. It is near enough, just 30 to 40 minutes. But however you do not want to muff your boat travel. The beautiful natural view will entertain your eyes before you are stepping your feet in the Sofifi.


Sofifi Pier

Beside became the “spice magnet” in colonial eras, the area of North Maluku also known for its prehistoric and maritime tourism. The maritime tourism absolutely easy to find in the islands near the capital city of Sofifi. The Morotai Island is one of the most beautiful and most famous islands near the Halmahera island. The beauty of Morotai island attracts the travelers around the world. And you should know that Morotai is the host for a world class annually “Sail” rally of Indonesia in 2012 named Sail Morotai. It can be perfect alternative destination when you come to Sofifi. Numerous of interesting historical places are spread around the North Maluku also interesting destinations. The fortress from the colonial era is famous attraction in the area.


The North Maluku area is served by several airlines. Most of the flight routes come from the Sulawesi and Java. The sea transport also popular between the islands. Sultan Babullah Airport in Ternate is the common first stop point before come to the Halmahera island where Sofifi is located. It is because Halmahera does not have a big airport yet.