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South Morotai, another Favorite Tourists Destination in the Eastern Indonesia

Morotai island is located in the northern of the Halmahera Island, Indonesia, the exact location is in the Province of North Maluku. This island is the northern most islands in Indonesia and South Morotai is famous by the beautiful beaches that lay in every corner of South Morotai Island. South Morotai Island is also famous by the epithet “pearl of the pacific” because in the World War II, South Morotai Island was an island where the ally landed. That epithet is true, because South Morotai has the beauty as beautiful as a pearl and it is located in the pacific area.


Morotai Island

In the 15th to the 16 century, South Morotai was ruled under the local kingdom named Kasultanan Ternate that was the basic of the Muslims kingdom in South Morotai. In the 15th to the 16th, there was a coming from the Portuguese to the South Morotai, but it was rejected by the kingdom since they didn’t want to follow the instruction of the local kingdom, until the world war II, South Morotai island became the basic island of Japan to America as the air port military of their planes, so this island was very important back then during the world war II in 1945.



Cultularly, South Morotai is very rich, because there was a kingdom before that brought the traditional culture to the South Morotai people, there are many interesting cultures to be discovered in South Morotai, such as like Hibualamo traditional ceremony, this ceremony is like the coronation of the new chieftain from the South Morotai ethnic, this is like a primitive ceremony with new chieftain paraded to the village. Besides, South Morotai also has other interesting dances, such as like Cakalele dance, Tidetide dance, Dengedenge dance and many more. About the interesting places to visit in South Morotai, there are many beautiful beaches in there, like Dodola beach, Bobale beach, Kakara Island, Tagalaya beach and many more. Basically those beaches and islands are the same; they are beautiful and have the white sand with clear and fresh sea water. It is recomended to be visited if you are there.


The air transportation in South Morotai is in the Pitu air port, it is located in Morotai island, the distance is about 7 Km to the city. Besides air transportation, South Morotai also dominated by road and water transportation, it is proven by many publics and private transportations there.