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Spending Your Time at Ciater Hot Spring, Garut

Garut is a small town that located in West Java not far from Bandung or Jakarta. You could find many interesting places on this town. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Garut is Pemandian Air Panas Ciater or also known as Ciater Hot Spring. Here you could relieve your stress by bathing in a hot water pool and enjoy traditional drinks.

Ciater Hot Spring

Ciater Hot Spring

Location: The Ciater Hot Spring is located on the Guntur Mount’s hillside. It’s located about 6 Km from Garut and could accessed within 15 minutes by using car or public transportation such as buses.

Opening Day/Hour: The place opens daily from 09.00 AM to 17.00 PM. On weekend or holidays, the place might be opened longer depends on the amount of the visitors.

Entrance Fee: You need to pay for entrance fee if you want to visit this place. The price of the ticket is IDR 20,000 for one adult person while the price of the ticket for children is IDR 10,000. You also could get special price if you come to this place in a group.

Street Direction to Location: If you want to go to this place from Jakarta, you could go straight to Cipularang highway until you reach Garut. Once you’re on Garut, you just need to follow the local directions that point you to this place.

Do n Don’ts: There are many things that you could do in this place. You could bathe in hot water pool or have a private hot bathtub. You also could enjoy local foods on several restaurants that located in this area. Other thing that you could do is fishing on fishing pond. Make sure not to throw any waste on the pool since visitors are required to maintain the place clean. You’re also not allowed to bring foods on the pool area. Smoking is also forbidden on several parts of this place.