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Sumenep, the City in the Eastern of Madura Island

Sumenep is a city in Madura Island; this city is located in the northern of the Madura Island. Sumenep is a prefecture in the Province of East Java, Indonesia.  Just like the other city and region in Madura Island, Sumenep is also famous by the salt producer, since in Madura island is rich with the salt wealth and most of the Sumenep people are work as the salt farmer in their home. The salt is rich in Sumenep because Madura is an island, and Sumenep is near with the sea and there are many beaches which are rich with salt mineral.


Sumenep Entrance

Historically, just like the many other regions in Indonesia there are two eras that is divided the history of the regions in Indonesia. Those are the history pre Dutch colonialism and the history in the Dutch colonialism era. In the pre colonialism era, Sumenep is a kingdom city, which was ruled by Airlangga king, and the kingdom was named with Mandakara Kingdom. While in the colonialism of Dutch era, there are many rebellions raised by the royal families who refused to be ruled by the Dutch colonialism, since Madura Island included Sumenep is the territory of Mataram kingdom, in Sumenep also happened the rebellion against VOC army.


Sumenep’s Mosque

Sumenep has many interesting cultures to be discovered, there are many local traditional cultures in Sumenep, the one of them is the traditional performance, there are Madura dance, Gombu dance, and the most famous performance in Sumenep is Karapan Sapi or Cows’ Race. Cows’ race is performed after the harvest in Sumenep by the local Sumenep people; this attraction is very interesting to be witnessed. Besides the traditional performance, you should try the traditional culinary of Sumenep, there are Sate Madura, Soto Madura and as the souvenir you can bring to your home, you should buy Batik from Sumenep, or it is called Batik Madura as souvenir to your family or friends.



In Sumenep, there is an air port as the air transportation that is Turnojoyo air port, which is located in Sumenep, so the distance is not far from the Sumenep city. Besides the air transportation, in Sumenep is also available the road transportation, the public transportation in Sumenep is very important for the local people for example like local buses, cabs, and traditional transportation, besides the public transportation in Sumenep, there are also many private transportation such as like motorcycles or private cars.