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Surakarta, a City to See the Origin of Javanese Traditional Culture

Surakarta often called by Solo is a city located in the Central Java, Indonesia. Surakarta is one of the big cities in Java and Central Java. Surakarta is well known as the culture city of Javanese traditional culture along with Yogyakarta, since Surakarta and Yogyakarta are the legitimate successor of the Mataram Dynasty. From the Surakarta history, Surakarta is a central of Mataram Kingdom which before was located in Kotagede, Yogyakarta, then after the war of Java successor, the kingdom was moved to the Solo village, then after the Kingdom finished to be built, it was named Surakarta by the Pakubuwono II, the Surakarta King. Until the coming of the Dutch to the Japan colony, Surakarta stood still as the respected Kingdom along with Yogyakarta by the Dutch and Japan. That is why both cities were given the special predicate by the Indonesian government as the Special Districts in Central Java, because of the integration of both Kingdoms with Indonesia Republic.



Since Surakarta is the central of the traditional Javanese culture along with Yogyakarta, the traditional culture in there is very famous. Every year the Surakarta Kingdom celebrates the traditional ceremony like Sekaten, which has been held since 3 centuries ago. Javanese culture has many sub cultures like, music, there is gamelan and karawitan music, dance, there is many sacred dances in Keraton, architecture, there is unique Javanese architecture with its philosophy and the two cultures that have been recognized by the UNESCO, those are batik and shadow puppet. Those two attractions are very interested to be seen, and those are the perfect souvenirs to be brought home. Besides you are recommended to visit Prambanan temple, the largest Hindu temple in Asia which has been built many thousand years ago.

kota solo

Solo from Above

Once you are in Surakarta you have to visit the Surakarta Palace, this is one of the Javanese kingdoms in Central Java which has many traditional attractions that are interesting to be discovered. In the Palace, you can see the traditional dance performed by only virgin girls, because of the sacred aspect, only few of the dances can be performed and see the making of batik and the wayang or shadow puppet performance.

kraton surakarta

Keraton Surakarta

There are many transportation in Surakarta, since it is located strategic, many trains stop in there, and there are cabs, public buses, which are available in the Adisumarno International airport. The airport is located just 14 km northern of the Surakarta city.