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Tabuik – Don’t Miss This Show when You’re in Pariaman

If you are planning on visiting Indonesia, don’t forget to put West Sumatra on your itinerary. This province has a lot to offer, especially the city Pariaman. Every 10 Muharram in Islamic calendar, this city holds a special event called Tabuik. This religious event was originally brought by the Shi’a Muslims from India, but now, Tabuik is also popular as Pariaman’s main tourist attraction that is held every year.

Tabuik - Pariaman

Tabuik – Pariaman

Tabuik is a commemoration of the Battle of Karbala. The term also refers to the statue of buraq that is carried by the local people when the event is going. Every year, there are two statues or tabuik presented for this event. Some traditional music is also played during Tabuik. Before the Tabuik procession begins, the festival is opened by some traditional dances of West Sumatra. The whole Tabuik rites take place in various venues. If you want to follow the procession from the very beginning, simply head to the Pariaman Market and march with the local people until the event ends, which takes place in Gandoriah Beach.

Tabuik Festival

Tabuik Festival

Pariaman Market is located in the center of the city, so it is very easy to reach. You can either walk or use public transportation, such as public bus, motor taxi, or taxi. You may want to get to the market on 6 AM to watch the locals preparing for the event. The Tabuik itself usually starts on 9 AM. The weather can be so hot, so don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes during the event.