Sofifi, A Beautiful City in Amazing Halmahera Island

Sofifi is a city in the west coast of an Indonesian island named Halmahera. Halmahera itself  is the largest island in the north Maluku. Sofifi is categorized as a young capital city. It became the capital city of the North Maluku province since 2010. Yes, Sofifi replaced the largest city in North Maluku, Ternate, as… Read More

Soasio City

Admiring the Beauty of Nature in Soasio, Tidore Islands

Soasio is a city located in the Province of the North Maluku, East Indonesia. This city exactly is located in the Tidore Island, besides Soasio is a capital city of the Prefecture of the Middle Halmahera. Soasio is located in the Northeast Tidore Islands; this city is an important city because of its important role,… Read More