The Uniqueness of Indonesian Heritage

Actually, there are lots of great places and the beautiful pristine areas in Indonesia with the heavenly panoramic view which you always wanted to see. So, make sure that you come into the great and heaven place which located in Sorong, Papua. This is about Raja Ampat, and this is the place which always giving… Read More

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Top 10 National Parks You Should Visit

In order to protect the local unique ecosystem and habitat, many countries in this world have its own National Park. There are many national parks in this world that also become the tourist attractions. National park also a sanctuary in purpose to protect the ecosystem and the habitat of the local flora and fauna by… Read More

The Traditional Performance of Ondel-Ondel

Actually, Ondel-Ondel is about a kind of traditional performance from the native people of Jakarta and it is usually performed as a folk performance from Betawi. This performance is very well known with the presence of large puppets called as Ondel-Ondel and this is a word which describes the united of the performance and the… Read More

The Performance of Reog Ponorogo

The performance of Reog Ponorogo can be called as the traditional performance and even it also bring up the identity for the area of Ponorogo. This is about the traditional dance which always perform about the story of a prince who are about to marry the wonderful princess. This is also the story about a… Read More

The Best International Exhibition in Indonesia

Actually, there are plenty of international exhibitions for 2013 which will be surely held on Indonesia. Just like what you will find out on 16 up to 20 October 2013, and this is about the Indonesian International Trade Expo on 28th. This is the famous international event which is always about the showcase for all… Read More

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Top 10 Mosques You Must Visit In Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest population of Muslims in the world, so, it is not strange if there are many mosques built in Indonesia. Mosques is an important building for Muslims, mosque is a house of worship for them, for Muslims, go to the mosque and pray in the mosque is a must, that is why… Read More

Top 10 Historical Building You Should Visit in Indonesia

There are a lot of the buildings in Indonesia which has a certain historical bearing that building. Those historical building is created by good architecture and full of historic. Below are the 10 historical building in Indonesia to visit. Maimun Palace Maimun Place is located in Medan, North Sumatra. It is located in Brigjen Katamso… Read More

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10 Natural Wonders You Must Visit in Indonesia

The Indonesian nature created the wonderful scenery naturally, and it is the attraction of Indonesia. Here are the top 10 natural wonders in Indonesia you should visit. Borobudur Borobudur is located in central java, and it was built in Syailendra dynasty, according to the relief written around in every temple wall. But none can predict… Read More

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Top 10 Churchs You Should See in Indonesia

Indonesia is well known for the harmony of the religions’ diversity, there are five big religions which are recognized by the Indonesian government, those are Islam, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, and Buddhist. With those religions’ diversity, Indonesian people live in harmony as unity. That is why there are many houses of worship for the five big… Read More