National Monument (Monas)

Monas: The Symbol Of Indonesian Freedom

When you hear about Jakarta, what comes up in your mind? The answer could be a capital city of Indonesia, big city, traffic or rush hour, but anyway even though the traffic jam is one thing which is famous from Jakarta, it has another good place to go called Monas. Monas means a lot for… Read More

Waterboom Pantai Indah Kapuk (Jakarta)

Waterbom – Most Famous Jakarta Water park

Jakarta can be very crowded city with great population of human being who are rushing because they have to work for collecting money. It means that people can get bored and stressed easily but it does not mean that people in Jakarta always have to go out of the town for enjoying great refreshment experience… Read More


10 Things to do in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a hub of the economical and government in Indonesia. Jakarta always visited by most of the Indonesia people. Because it is an often visited, these are 10 places to visit in Jakarta. Visiting National Monument (Monas) Monas means National Monument. It is one of the attractive… Read More

The Best International Exhibition in Indonesia

Actually, there are plenty of international exhibitions for 2013 which will be surely held on Indonesia. Just like what you will find out on 16 up to 20 October 2013, and this is about the Indonesian International Trade Expo on 28th. This is the famous international event which is always about the showcase for all… Read More

Istiqlal Mosque Jakarta

Amazing Things That Could Be Found at Istiqlal Mosque

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. There are many interesting places that could be visited on this city. One of the most popular places on Jakarta is Istiqlal Mosque. Besides as tourist attraction, this place is also known as one of the most famous religious sites in Indonesia. This mosque was built to celebrate… Read More

Dunia Fantasi Ancol – Disneyland Alternative in Jakarta

When people in Jakarta want to find recreation place which is not far from their living place, it is sure that Ancol becomes the destination. The beach if quite interesting for people in Jakarta but Dunia Fantasi must be the theme park which is loved by people in Jakarta because it is the only theme… Read More

Playing Time Machine By Visiting Kota Tua Jakarta

What will you do in your weekend? Maybe you will go to Mall, hang out in café or taking a walk to a beach. All of them sound very common and…boring! That is why you should find another place of vacation that will give you something different like visiting Kota Tua Jakarta. If you are… Read More