Orang Utan

Real Life of Orang Utan at Tanjung Puting

Indonesia is full of exotic flora and fauna which cannot be found in any part in this world, and orang utan can be classified as one of the rare animal in the world. It is only can be found in one place in this world, and it is in Indonesia. Basically orang utan can be… Read More

One Horned Rhino

Meet The Unique One Horned Rhino At Ujung Kulon

It is not hard to find the rare animal in Indonesia because almost every place has it, including in West Java. In the province which is famous with the traditional food called peuyeum, we can find one rare animal called rhinoceros. Maybe many places that contain of this animal, but in this place the rhino… Read More

Ujung Kulon National park, Indonesia

Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon region was firstly introduced by a German Botany expert, F. Junghun in 1846, when he was collecting tropical plants. At that time the wealth of flora and fauna at Ujung Kulon has already known by researchers. At that time, a trip to Ujung Kulon was eventually had a chance to enter in some… Read More