Prambanan Temple

Enjoy the Beauty of Prambanan

Other great temple that could be found on Indonesia is Prambanan Temple. Just like Borobudur, Prambanan temple is also very popular among tourists from outside Indonesia. The architecture is very amazing and there are also several cultural performances that could be found on this site. Location:┬áPrambanan Temple is located on Central Java, not far from… Read More

Istiqlal Mosque Jakarta

Amazing Things That Could Be Found at Istiqlal Mosque

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. There are many interesting places that could be visited on this city. One of the most popular places on Jakarta is Istiqlal Mosque. Besides as tourist attraction, this place is also known as one of the most famous religious sites in Indonesia. This mosque was built to celebrate… Read More

Pura Besakih – Main Pura In Bali Island

Bali Island, lies in Indonesia, is well known island for its beauty tropic beaches that are good to tan skin. It has also some religious sites especially for Hindu people. Those religious sites called pura. One of these puras is Pura Besakih which is in Besakih village, Rendang prefecture, Karangasem regency, about 62 kilometers from… Read More