Top 10 Places To Buy Batik

Batik is the unique traditional fabric in Indonesia, since long time ago; many tribes in Indonesia have worn batik as their cloth, especially in the Central java, where the batik is so popular and firstly made. Batik came from the Royal Palace in Javanese Kingdoms, especially in Central Java, it was worn by royal families,… Read More

Batik Yogyakarta

Buy Batik, the Characteristic of Indonesia in Yogyakarta

Batik is Indonesian cultural heritage which has motifs portrayed multiculturalism in Indonesia. There are many motifs which are different in each region and culture. Batik is both art and craft made using manual wax resist dyeing technique. The batik from Yogyakarta and Surakarta has notable meaning and rooted Javanese philosophy. Traditional colors of Batik Yogya… Read More

jakarta pickle

Top 10 Unique Foods For Souvenirs You Should Buy

Besides of rich culture diversity and the other uniqueness in every region in Indonesia, there are unique foods also in every country of Indonesia. In every region of Indonesia, you can find the unique food originally from its city that you can buy as souvenir to your family, friends or relatives. This time this article… Read More

Lumpia Semarang

Lumpia – a Unique Food Souvenir From Semarang

When people are visiting Semarang, Central Java, there is no doubt that they will not miss the opportunity for tasting the delicious food which is famous in this town. The food which is quite popular among tourist as well as people in Semarang usually comes from the acculturation of Javanese and Chinese food. Lumpia Semarang… Read More

Monggo Chocolates Packaging

Popular Chocolate Souvenirs in Jogja, Monggo Chocolates

Jogja is the second most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. This city is located in Special Region of Yogyakarta and well known for its cultural tourism. It is Javanese monarch which still exists until nowadays. Rituals and cultural ceremonies are often held every year and usually they have schedule based on Java calendar. There are… Read More