Bali Milk Pies

Bali Milk Pies – Unique Food Souvenir from Bali

Bali Island is very popular tourist destination in Indonesia, even worldwide. Bali is well known for religious sites, beautiful tropical beaches, place for surfing, cultural tourism, and a lot of souvenirs. There are many things that can be souvenirs from Bali that are clothes, t-shirts, accessories, antiques, and foods. There are many foods that you… Read More

Bakpia Pathok

Bakpia Pathok – Special Souvenirs Yogyakarta

Yogjakarta is the place where people can find the beauty of culture as well as beauty of nature. Yogjakarta is always interesting to visit moreover with new tourism spots which were published recently. However, it is sure that people who visit Yogjakarta will not forget to bring the special souvenirs from this place and bakpia… Read More

Batik Cirebon

Batik Cirebon – Unique Batik Choice for your Souvenir

Batik is product of culture which is very identical with Indonesia. After it is recognized as UNESCO world heritage, the popularity of batik is increasing. There are some batik centers which can be found in Indonesia and each has different specification from other. Although Jogjakarta, Solo, and Pekalongan is well known as popular batik center,… Read More


7 Unique Souvenirs You Should Bring to Your Country

When you are visiting to some famous or recreation to the interesting places or country, you must buy some souvenir for your friends, families, or relatives. It can be handcraft or other unique gift. The people you give the souvenir of course will be thankful, since it is hard to get and unique. Here are… Read More