Pekanbaru, a Busy Trading Port on the Bank of Siak River

Pekanbaru in Riau is known as the prosperous region in Indonesia. Pekanbaru is located in the east of Indonesia along with Sumatera Island; Pekanbaru also has its archipelago. There are ten prefectures in Riau, and the capital of Province of Riau is Pekanbaru. In the historical aspect, Pekanbaru was named by Portuguese military in the… Read More

tanjung pandan

The Beauty of Tanjung Pandan in Belitung Island

Tanjung Pandan is a city region in the Belitung Island in Sumatera, Indonesia. Tanjung Pandan is famous of the nature tourism and the beautiful white sand beaches. Besides famous as the tourism attraction, it is also famous as the mining area especially the tin mining, which is the main source of this city. Besides tin,… Read More