Manggar, the City of Thousands Coffee Shops

Manggar is a region in the East Belitung, Indonesia. This city is located in the Bangka Belitung islands, the archipelago island. Since the location is in the Bangka Belitung Island, which is famous by the tin and other natural wealth mining, in the Bangka Belitung Island also has the other potential attraction besides mining, that… Read More

Pangkal Pinang

Pangkal Pinang, the Tin City of Indonesia

Pangkal Pinang is a city in Bangka Island of Indonesia. Pangkal Pinang is the center of the island’s activity. Pangkal or Pengkal in Malay means the center, the beginning point or the base. It refers to the role of this city as the center of the tin mining industry. While the word ‘Pinang’ pointed to… Read More