Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Keong Mas)

TMII – Visiting The Miniatur of Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country with many islands which are spread all around the country. Indonesia is very wide and people in Indonesia comes from various cultural background so people will be able to find a lot of tradition as well as local thing which is interesting besides the nature scenery which must be very… Read More

Bali Milk Pies

Bali Milk Pies – Unique Food Souvenir from Bali

Bali Island is very popular tourist destination in Indonesia, even worldwide. Bali is well known for religious sites, beautiful tropical beaches, place for surfing, cultural tourism, and a lot of souvenirs. There are many things that can be souvenirs from Bali that are clothes, t-shirts, accessories, antiques, and foods. There are many foods that you… Read More