Kintamani Lake (Bali)

Tasting The Uniqueness of Kintamani Lake Tradition

Nobody who does not know about Bali because this land consists of many amazing natural places that are combined with the culture and traditional art, and one of them is Kintamani. Kintamani is a place which mostly related to a mystical belief due to the existence of Trunyan graveyard, is there anything else that we… Read More

Gili Trawangan Island

Gili Trawangan – Visit Biggest Island In Lombok

Gili Trawangan is the biggest islands amongst two other small islands (usually referred as “Gili”) in Lombok. Gili Trawangan is now a world-class attraction, following the title of the fourth world’s best island in Asia, which is given by TripAdvisor. Gili Trawangan visited at least 1,200 tourists every day. It is easy to reach Gili Trawangan…. Read More

Playing Time Machine By Visiting Kota Tua Jakarta

What will you do in your weekend? Maybe you will go to Mall, hang out in café or taking a walk to a beach. All of them sound very common and…boring! That is why you should find another place of vacation that will give you something different like visiting Kota Tua Jakarta. If you are… Read More

Mount Rinjani

Enjoy The Unique Of Rain Forest Ecosystem At Rinjani Mountain

Mount Rinjani National Park is a representative mountain with a unique type of rain forest ecosystem. This national park is characterized with low to high mountains but it also has savannah in Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia. Because of that, one of the biggest mountain in eastern Indonesia becomes suitable as a tourism spot that deserves… Read More

Mount Bromo Indonesia

Cold Weather With An Excellent View At Mount Bromo

What kind of place you want to visit for your holiday? If you like cold weather with excellent view, Indonesia provides you opportunity to explore its beauty of mountains. From many mounts to visit, you can add Mount Bromo to your destination list. Although it appears to be an active volcano, Mount Bromo still becomes… Read More

One Horned Rhino

Meet The Unique One Horned Rhino At Ujung Kulon

It is not hard to find the rare animal in Indonesia because almost every place has it, including in West Java. In the province which is famous with the traditional food called peuyeum, we can find one rare animal called rhinoceros. Maybe many places that contain of this animal, but in this place the rhino… Read More

Lake Kelimutu, Nusa Tenggara Timur Indonesia

Enjoy the Beauty of Multicolor Lake Kelimutu

Visiting a mountain, beach or sea is very common thing to do when it is about having a trip. In Indonesia, there is a unique tourism object which is different from the others, and it is also very beautiful. This place is called as Danau Kelimutu (Kelimutu Lake). What makes it different and so special?… Read More