Toba Lake

Tease Your Tongue and Eye in Danau Toba

Usually there is nothing special about a lake since it is not different to a sea or pond since it is a large area which is fulfilled with water, but in Indonesia the meaning that lake can give can be different, including what Danau Toba means. Danau Toba is a lake which becomes the famous… Read More

Keraton Solo At Night

Feeling The Aristocracy of Keraton Solo

Solo, or sometimes it is called as Surakarta is famous with its traditional art called Batik. This kind of traditional fabric has been famous in all over the world due to the uniqueness of its pattern and image, but actually Solo has more attractions than just a producer of Batik, such as having a historical… Read More

Koteka Papua

Koteka, Tribal Identity and Heritage

The people that we are talking about are located in Papua province. Actually some people are willing to wear complete clothes but they are only a few modern native Papua, foreigners and outsider, but since the amount of primitive tribes are much bigger than modern people. Major tribal people who do not want to wear… Read More

Top 10 Places to Have Hot Water Swim

Hot water swim is one of the treatments to cure the stress and refresh your mind. There are a lot of hot water swim in Indonesia which can be your alternative to visit. In this article, the writer will review about 10 hot water swim in Indonesia. Cisolok hot water swim in Pelabuhan Ratu Cisolok… Read More


10 Things to do in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a hub of the economical and government in Indonesia. Jakarta always visited by most of the Indonesia people. Because it is an often visited, these are 10 places to visit in Jakarta. Visiting National Monument (Monas) Monas means National Monument. It is one of the attractive… Read More

Bali Milk Pies

Bali Milk Pies – Unique Food Souvenir from Bali

Bali Island is very popular tourist destination in Indonesia, even worldwide. Bali is well known for religious sites, beautiful tropical beaches, place for surfing, cultural tourism, and a lot of souvenirs. There are many things that can be souvenirs from Bali that are clothes, t-shirts, accessories, antiques, and foods. There are many foods that you… Read More

Tana Toraja (Makasar, Indonesia)

Tana Toraja – A Unique Tomb You might Find only in Indonesia

When it comes to tourism, the tropical country Indonesia has a lot to offer. Besides its natural beauty, Indonesia also has an exceptional culture. Cultural attractions are common things you will find in Indonesia, and they are all unique. One of the most exciting cultural sites is Tana Toraja. It literally means “Toraja Land” and… Read More