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Tanjung Pinang in Riau Islands, the Same Riau, but With the Different Taste of Tourism

Tanjung Pinang is located in Riau Islands and Tanjung Pinang is an archipelago; and Tanjung Pinang is the capital city of the province of Riau Island in the western island of Indonesia. Long time before Indonesia independence, Tanjung Pinang is a kingdom country, just like in the other regions of Indonesia. It was ruled by Malaka Kingdom, and then it became Kasultanan Johor before it was taken by the Dutch colony. At that time, all the Kingdoms in indonesia was ruled by Dutch colony, included kingdom in Tanjung Pinang. After the independence, by the government of Indonesia, these islands are divided into two provinces according to the landscape and the geographic aspect. And Tanjung pinang is set tobe the capital city of Province of Riau Island and because of Tanjung Pinang is an archipelago, so in Tanjung Pinang there are many harbours and many beautiful beaches that has made the tourist attractions.

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Tanjung Pinang

From the cultural aspect, Tanjung Pinang the capital city of Province of Riau Island is the same with the Province of Riau, since it is populated with the same ethnic that is Melayu ethnic which dominates. In Tanjung pinang, there are many interesting places to be visited and many cultures to be discovered. The culture in Tanjung Pinang is the same with Province of Riau, but the only thing that makes it different is in the geographical aspect. Having many islands as the archipelago island, Tanjung Pinang has many tourism spots. For example like Penyengat Island, which is located less than 2 miles from the Tanjungpinang harbor, Harbor of Sri Bintan Pura, Trikora Beach, with its white sand beach, which is located less more 65 km from the Tanjung Pinang, and many more.

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Tanjung Pinang from Sky

The access to be there is by a plane, there is international airport there, that is Haji Fisabilillah Airport, which is located in the Tanjungpinang, it makes the distance with the downtown becomes near. And then, if you want to go to the tourism spots in TanjungPinang, you can go by boats. Because of the geographic landscape in the Province of Riau Island, includes in Tanjung Pinang, so the main transportation to get to the other islands is by using boat. There are many hotels and restaurants in the Penyengat Island, and you can go land by land in Tanjung Pinang by renting a boat from the rental boats that is available in Tanjung Pinang.