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Tease Your Tongue and Eye in Danau Toba

Usually there is nothing special about a lake since it is not different to a sea or pond since it is a large area which is fulfilled with water, but in Indonesia the meaning that lake can give can be different, including what Danau Toba means.

Toba Lake

Toba Lake

Danau Toba is a lake which becomes the famous destination place in north Sumatra. This lake relates to the legend which is grown up by the local society about a magical fish. However, being apart from its legend, people still can get something meaningful from this lake, even maybe some things such as the knowledge about culture. In this place, local society or we call them Batak people often make some festivals or worship form to Namboru (the God of Batak people) through some rituals such as annual celebration party in the side of Danau Toba. You also can visit the Samosir land, a place in the middle of the Danau Toba, to see and get involved in the local society. Besides, you can shop the cultural art gift in the local market or enjoy the hot spring in Panguruan, but there is a fee for enjoying the hot spring which is Rp 2000. For you who like to eat, there are so many good restaurants around the lake in which surely you will not be able to find it in other places

Samosir Island,  Danau Toba,  Sumatra

Samosir Island, Lake Toba, Sumatra

To reach this place is very easy. If you start the trip from Medan by using public trabsportation, you can take a bus route Medan-Parapat. It will take about 4 hours on the road, and then continue the rip by using Taxy. It is better to take an express bus to make your time more efficient. One thing that you should remember, don’t ever underestimate the weather, so check it first is the best way to enjoy the trip.