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Tegal, where Majority of Indonesian Tea Products are coming from this City

The predicate of this city is nautical city. Tegal is famous by the nautical city in Java. Tegal is located in Central Java, and Tegal also has the main role of the transportation and trading, especially the nautical wealth trading, like fish and other nautical wealth, that is the strategic point of Tegal, because Tegal is passed by the main road of northern Java, which is passed by many public or other business transportations. Besides Tegal holds the main transportation of the northern road in Java, Tegal also as the main point of transportation from the southern Java, because there is one main road in Tegal which is connected to the Northern road, that is why Tegal passed by many transportations.


Entrance to Tegal

Historically Tegal was the region under the Mataram Kingdom territory in Yogyakarta, along with the other regions in Central Java and East Java, Tegal had the main contribution of transportation and trading for a long time, until the coming of Dutch colony in Indonesia, Tegal still stood as the main city of transportation and trading along with the other northern cities in Central Java, and in the Independence era of Indonesia, until now, Tegal stands as one of  the important cities in the northern of Central Java.

tari endel

Endel Dance from Tegal

Tegal traditional culture is not different with the other Javanese culture in Central Java; the language to the daily culture refers to Yogyakarta and Surakarta which is the central of the Javanese traditional culture in the Java. The other unique traditional culture attractions in Tegal are Endel dance and Balo-Balo, these are the unique dance performed by the artist in Tegal and usually performed in city’s traditional carnival held in Tegal. Tegal culinary is also famous in Indonesia because the hot and spicy culinary.


PAI Beach

Because of Tegal is famous by the nautical city in Indonesia, beaches in Tegal is interesting to be visited. The most famous beach in Tegal is PAI beach, it stands for Beautiful Natural Beach. There are many attractions in there, like water boom, parks, and of course the main beach with many resorts. The available transportation in Tegal is only the road transportation, Tegal doesn’t have the airport, but the transportation there is complete, there are cabs, trains, buses and other public transportations or traditional transportations. The distance of Tegal city to the airport in Semarang is about 200 Km, and can be reached by public bus or train.