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Tenggarong, the Capital City of Kutai Kartanegara In the Past Glory

Tenggarong is a city which has the capital city of region in the Kalimantan Island, Indonesia. Tenggarong is located in the east Kalimantan; exactly it is located in the Province of East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Just like in the other region in Indonesia, in Tenggarong also has the local ethnic, and the most populated ethnic in there is Dayak ethnic in Tenggarong. Tenggarong also has the rich wealth from nature to mine, since Kalimantan Island is famous by the diversity of natural wealth and it is containing with many kinds of flora and fauna.



In the past, Tenggarong was a capital city of Kutai Kartanegara Kingdom, from the history, Tenggarong was built in the year 1782 by the 15th Kutai Kartanegara king, Aju Muhammad Mushlihudin. In that time, Tenggarong was named by Tepian Pandan, and then by the time passed, Tepian Pandan was more popular to be called Tenggarong by the local citizen. According to the Dayak ethnic language, Tenggarong came from the local word Tengkarung, which means step into the higher stair, because when it was found the local ethnic was like hiking into the higher land or stair, then by the time passed, it usually called by Tenggarong by the local citizen.

Bridge in Tenggarong

Kalimantan has many tribes or ethnics on it, since Kalimantan is a diversity island, there are many ethnics live on Kalimantan Island, and in the Tenggat-rong city, the most dominated ethnic who stay there is Dayak ethnic. Dayak ethnic is divided into many branches of family, and the one of the branch family of Dayak ethnic is Dayak Benuaq, who dominates the Tenggarong citizen. Every ethnic has its unique culture and tradition in the world that includes Dayak ethnic in Tenggarong city. The culture is usually called by Dayak Benuaq traditional culture.


Kumala Island

Tenggarong also has the interesting places to visit, those are like Museum Mulawarman and Museum Kayu Tuah Himba, or the other interesting places are Kumala Island or Jagad Raya Planetarium. There is no air port in Tenggarong, but there is one air port in the other city, the distance of the air port to the Tenggarong city is about 100km, it is located in Bontang, which has name Bontang air port. The transportation in Tenggarong is only by road transportation, or the other alternative is water transportation by river or sea. The road transportation is public or private transportation, and water is only by rented boats.