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The Accessible Of Mount Krakatoa

Mount Krakatoa is one of most famous mountain all over the world due to its beauty and eruption in 1883. It belongs to active volcano in Indonesia but no one will deny how beautiful it is to visit. Before deciding to visit Mount Krakatoa, make sure you have the authority from the government and prepare well. Located between Java Island and Sumatera Island, Mount Krakatoa offers magnificent view with nice weather to enjoy for holiday or trip.

Mout Krakatoa

Mout Krakatoa

Accessible Gunung Krakatau

The location makes it easier for tourist to access Mount Krakatoa. It can be reached from both Sumatra and Java. From Sumatra, you can go from Bandar Lampung, the capital of Lampung by bus from Rajabasa to Kalianda. This probably takes around 45 minutes. Then mini buses are available to take the tourists and you to Canti Village in 10 minutes. The tourists then can take a fast boat to send them to Krakatau Island in 150 minutes. This is different from the tourists who go from Jakarta where they need to only order a fast boat to straightly get them to Krakatau Island from Tanjung Priok Bay.

Gunung Krakatau Preparation

There are things you need to prepare before going to Krakatau Island. The first one is make sure you hold Conservation Site Entry Permit. Without this, you cannot even step your feet on the island. Entering the Nature Reserve, you will find no restaurants so bring and prepare your own food to avoid yourself from hunger. Stunning scenery allows you to capture any image with your camera. You can also enjoy wall climbing and water activities provided by the island.