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The Performance of Reog Ponorogo

The performance of Reog Ponorogo can be called as the traditional performance and even it also bring up the identity for the area of Ponorogo. This is about the traditional dance which always perform about the story of a prince who are about to marry the wonderful princess. This is also the story about a battle as a local legend about the Ponorogo King who is fighting with the creature of magic lion named as Singa Barong.


Reog Ponorogo

About Reog Ponorogo

This Reog dance is a kind of traditional dance and usually performed when the full moon light is coming into Paseban. This is the specific area on the town square of Ponorogo, and even Reog Ponorogo is already become a national festival which always performed for every year to celebrate the Ponorogo Regency Anniversary and this is also the special performance which always perform to celebrate the Grebeg Suro. So, the tourists and native people who really want to come and see this performance should need to remember the specific dates when this performance is always performed.

Reog Ponorogo Performance

Reog Ponorogo Performance

Further Info on Reog Ponorogo

This performance is always identical with the presence of Singa Barong, and it is usually about the large mask which made from the original head skin of leopard or even tiger. The mask is also attached with the large fan, and actually this Singa Barong custome is a very heavy custome with the weight around 30 Kg up to 40 Kg. You can also find out other characters on this dance include Bujang Anom, Jatil, Klono Sewandono and Warok as Singa Barong.

Reog Ponorogo (Bujang Anom)

Reog Ponorogo (Bujang Anom)