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The Traditional Performance of Ondel-Ondel

Actually, Ondel-Ondel is about a kind of traditional performance from the native people of Jakarta and it is usually performed as a folk performance from Betawi. This performance is very well known with the presence of large puppets called as Ondel-Ondel and this is a word which describes the united of the performance and the puppet as well.

Ondel-Ondel Betawi (Jakarta Culture)

Ondel-Ondel Betawi (Jakarta Culture)

About Ondel-Ondel

Ondel-Ondel is actually about the giant puppets with the diameter approximately around 80 cm, and with the 2,5 meters high. This puppet is having a unique construction since it will be performed by a person who are entering inside this puppet, and walking around the areas where the performance is taking place. Usually, Ondel-Ondel is created from the woven bamboo and for the finishing touch this puppet will be dressed up with the charming and bright costumes plus the unique accessories on the head. For some occasions, people will find out Ondel-Ondel with the usage of traditional Betawi costume. The puppets are always come in couple, with both male and female gender, and the face of this puppet is made from the wood which already shaped up and the hair is made from the dried leaves of palm tree.

Ondel-Ondel Carnival

Ondel-Ondel Carnival

More on Ondel-Ondel

Since Ondel-Ondel is a kind of folk or the traditional performance, it also has many purposes especially to give the protection against something bad such as the evil spirits and the puppets are also symbolizes the spirit of ancestors who always protect all their descendants. You may watch this performance on some events such as Pekan Raya Jakarta at Kemayoran at the center of Jakarta.

Pekan Raya Jakarta

Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ)