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Things to Do in Pemandian Air Panas Sari Ater Lembang

Like Garut, Lembang is other small town that located in West Java. This town is surrounded by many mountains which created a very fresh air and makes the temperature quite cold. However, you also could find hot spring on this town and it’s called Pemandian Air Panas Sari Ater or also known as Sari Ater Hot Spring. Besides known as recreational area, hot spring is also considered good for your health. 

Sari Ater Hot Spring Lembang

Sari Ater Hot Spring Lembang

Location: Sari Ater Hot Spring is located at Ciater Village, not far from Mount Tangkuban Parahu. You could access this place from Jakarta or Bandung by using car or any available public transportation such as buses or chartered car.

Opening Day/Hour: The place opens daily from 09.00 AM to 16.00 PM. On the weekend or holidays, the place opens from 08.00 AM to 18.00 PM. Sometimes you could stay at this place up to 20.00 PM.

Entrance Fee: The entrance fee that you need to pay for entering this area is IDR 14,000. If you want to enter the hot spring area, you need to pay extra charge and the amount of this extra charge is IDR 80,000. There are also low budget hot spring services available from IDR 20,000 to IDR 55,000 as well.

Street Direction to Location: There are several ways that you could choose if you want to visit this place. If you came from Jakarta, you could take Cikampek-Bekasi Highway or go straight via Puncak. On the other hand, if you came from Bandung, you could take Bandung-Ciater route or Lembang-Ciater route.

Do n Don’ts: If you want to visit the place, make sure you bring anything that you need for your trip. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit if you want to bathe on the hot spring pool. You also might want to consider bringing some medicines and your digital camera. Don’t stay too long on the hot spring pool since it might be dangerous for your health instead.