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Top 10 Foods to Eat in Indonesia

Indonesia is famous because of the diversity in every aspect. And the one most famous Indonesian diversity is the Indonesian culinary. Indonesia has many kind of culinary, since every region in Indonesia has its own culinary character. Here are the top 10 Indonesian food you should try.




Rendang uses beef as the main ingredient and it mixes with spices and coconut milk. The taste of Rendang is very delicious, especially for the Indonesian, because it tastes spicy.




Sate is a food which is made of chicken meat, goat or sheep meat or even beef. The way to serve Sate is with skewer that is made of bamboo stick or other small wood stick and then it is grilled with charcoal and as the ingredient sate uses peanut sauce and other spices mixed and served with black ketchup.




Bakso or Baso is called meat ball served with beef broth, Baso is made of beef as the main ingredient. And then as the carbohydrate element, Baso uses noodles. And as the other complement there are bean sprouts, tofu etc.




Soto is a broth food and the main ingredient is beef, chicken meat, and even goat or sheep meat and then the broth is mixed with other ingredients such as celery, cabbage, etc. It usually serves with rice in the other bowl with fried onions on it.

Fried rice


Fried Rice

The one makes this kind of food is different is just from the preparation. Fried rice is rice that is fried on the frying pan and mixed with spicy such as like onions, chili, garlic, salt etc. It is served on a plate with other complement like beef, crackers, etc.




Gado-gado is a boiled vegetables mixed as one and then it is served with peanut sauce as the main ingredient and then as the complement, put some crackers or other side dish like eggs, chicken meat etc.

Uduk rice

uduk rice

Uduk Rice

Uduk rice is a common rice, the one makes it different is just the way to make it and the taste of Uduk rice. The way to make Uduk rice is by steaming. The rice is steamed with coconut milk and then it is seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, lemon grass leaves, and pepper. It is served with egg, fried chicken or other side dish.




Gudeg is a unique food. It is made of with young jackfruit which is cooked with coconut milk. It needs many hours to cook Gudeg. Gudeg is served with rice and other complement as side dish like Krecek, chicken, eggs and tofu.

Opor chicken

opor ayam

Opor Chicken

Actually Opor chicken is a boiled chicken seasoned with coconut milk and then added with lemon grass leaves, and Kencur. The one makes it different only from the season and the sauce from coconut milk that is yellowish because of the effect of Kencur. Opor chicken is usually served with rice and it is served in the certain ceremony.


gulai ayam


Gulai is a kind of food which has chicken, goat meat, beef, fish and other kind of meat as the main ingredient. The unique characteristic of Gulai is from the seasoning which is rich of spices. The spices are turmeric, coriander, pepper, galangal, ginger, red pepper, onion, garlic, fennel, nutmeg, lemongrass, cinnamon andcumin. Those spices are mashed, blended, and then cooked together with coconut milk.