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Top 10 Places You Cannot Miss While Visiting Bandung

Bandung is the capital city of West Java. It is an attractive city and Bandung has various attractive cultures, building, and tourism objects that is recommended to visit. These are top 10 places you cannot miss while visiting Bandung.

1. Seeing Traditional Dance in Saung Angklung Udjo


Saung Angklung Udjo

Saung Angklung Mang Udjo is a community of Bandung traditional music instrument, called Angklung. By visiting this place, you can learn how to play Angklung and served by the beautiful harmony of Angklung sound. Besides you can learn Anklung instrument, you are also give by the beautiful Angklung performance.

2. Seeing Kawah Putih Crater

putih kawah

Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih means white crater. It is one of the natural tourism spots in Bandung which offers beautiful crater. When you are visiting this place, you have to prepare the noisy sound of crater blow and the smell of sulfur that makes you uncomfortable.

3. Remembering the Past in Asia-Africa Museum

asia afrika

Asia-Afrika Museum

One of the historical places in Bandung is Asia-Africa Museum. This museum is a location in which the Asia-Africa done years ago. You can memorize about the conference at that time by visiting this place. It will enlarge your knowledge especially in social science.

4. Visiting a Famous Tangkuban Perahu Crater

tangkuban perahu

Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu is a crater located in Bandung which is to be favorite place in bandung to visit. This place is relating with the Sangkuriang myth. This place is so cool and comfortable even thought has the sulfur smell which for some people is so disturb.

5. Seeing a Beautiful City View at Golf Resort Bandung

golf resort

Mountain View of Golf Resort Bandung

Bandung also has the beautiful panorama of the nature. It is located in the Golf Resort Bandung that is in high place. This place provides the beautiful scenery of Bandung Mountain which has the natural views of Bandung area from the high place. Besides it feels the fresh air while you playing golf.

6. Learning Fossils at Geology Museum


Geology Museum

Geology museum is the educational place which teaches and gives the clear explanation about archeology and mining. Visiting this museum will enlarge your knowledge about geology because the information is served clearly and attractively.

7. Visiting Villa Isola, and Unique Designed Building


Villa Isola

Villa Isola is a building which has the Art Deco architect that is built in 1933. At that time, this building is owned by a Holland Domibique Willem Berretty. This building is located in the north side of Bandung. Nowadays, this place is known as Indonesia Education University (UPI) building.

8. Being a kid at Trans Studio Bandung

trans studio bandung

Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung is one of the playgrounds in Bandung which serves the sophisticated and exciting place as playground. You can spend your holiday in this place. The various games is served in this place from the traditional until the sophisticated one.

9. Visiting Historic Gedung Sate (Sate Building)


Gedung Sate

Sate building is built by Ir Gerber in 1924. This building adopted the Italy Renaissance era style. This building has the uniqueness of the roof ornament which looks like satay pin. At that time, this building looks weird for some people but today it is so unique and different from other building.

10. Visiting Indonesia Bank Building

bank indonesia

Indonesia Bank

Bank Indonesia is the central bank of Indonesia. It has many building. One of the buildings is located in Bandung. It is built in 1917 by Edward Cuypers, an architect from Dutch. It is a colonial Dutch heritage from Javasche Bank building.