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Tual, the City with Unique Tropical Climate in Maluku Province

Tual is a city located in the Province of Maluku, in the Eastern Indonesia. Tual is a new otonom region in Indonesia; this city is an expansion of the Prefecture of Southeast Maluku before the Indonesian government set this city as autonomy city. Tual is a tropical city with the unique tropic climate, since it is located near with the sea, it has the sea wind climate that is always has tropical atmosphere. Tual is an archipelago island so it has many small islands surrounds Tual city, Tual is also a rich city with the nautical wealth, since the nautical wealth in Tual has many islands.


Tual, Maluku, Indonesia

Just like the old day of the Indonesian regions that were ruled by the Dutch colony, Tual was also ruled by the Dutch colony and it was a territory of the Dutch colony along with the other region in Maluku. Because of the nautical wealth in Tual, Dutch colony made this city important, that is why we can see the harbor that was made by the Dutch in the colonialism era in Tual city, because Tual was an important city to the Dutch colony because of the nautical wealth that can be sold to the Europe and the rest it was loaded back home to the Dutch.

View of Tual

The View of Tual

Tual city has the same traditional culture as the other regions in the Province of Southeast Maluku, the same thing of their culture is the philosophy of their life that came from their ancestors, that is Larvul Ngabal. It is the local language that means to create the harmony with the other people, and create the tradition strong and help the other people together, also it can be meant as together to take care the local nature wealth wisely and carefully, that is the local wisdom of Tual culture. Besides the culture in Tual city, you can also discover the beauty of the Tual Sea. Tual is famous with the beaches, and the most famous beach in Tual is Ngur Bloat beach, it is a pure white sand beach with fresh and clear water, this beach is recommended for you to visit.


The Beach in Tual

The water transportation is important in Tual, since it has many small islands, besides water transportation there are also road and air transportation, the airport in Tual is Dumatubun airport, it is located in the Tual city with the distance is about 5 Km or it is 10 minutes from the city.