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Ubud – Beautiful Natural Place At Bali Island

When speaking of art and cultural center of the island, as well as an overview of the homey atmosphere, then all agreed to mention one name, that is, Ubud. Located in Gianyar Bali, this place offers a variety of natural beauty, art and culture, as well as exotic Balinese handicrafts. With the natural surroundings the place, Ubud is a source of inspiration for artists, mainly European artists. Being among the rice fields, forests, mountains and ravines, Ubud is a place of what we may called as a very beautiful natural place.

Ubud Palace (bali Island)

Ubud Palace (bali Island)


Ubud has been recognized as the main resort located in Gianyar, Bali. The pulse of Ubud community can’t be separated from art. In here, art galleries are established, as well as the music and dance performances are held at every night in all corners of Ubud. This place is too much, especially for those who love to enjoy the art life.

Opening Day/Hour

24 hours every day (from Sunday to Monday)

Entrance Fee

There isn’t entrance fee in Ubud.

Street Location to Direction

You can reach Ubud with public bemos from Denpasar’s bus terminal (Batubulan terminal). An hour of trip from Denpasar to Ubud, costing at IDR 8,000. Most of bemos start running in early morning, and you won’t find them after 4PM. There is cheaper public transport, such as air-conditioned bus for people going from Sanur, Kuta, or Nusa Dua.


  • Women who are menstruating banned from entering the temple area.
  • Wear decent clothes and use sarong and shawl at the entrance temple area
  • Do not walk in front of people when praying or perform ritual ceremonies
  • Do not take pictures using flash when in front of the person who is praying