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Visit Wakatobi and Explore Its Beauty

Wakatobi is one of the finest diving sites on the world. The name of this small archipelago comes from the acronym of four islands, Wangiwangi Island, Keledupa Island, Tomea Island and Binongko Island. It’s the perfect place for those of you who love to dive and enjoy the beauty of underwater ecosystem.

Wakatobi Island

Wakatobi Island

Location: This small archipelago is located at South East Sulawesi and could be reached easily from Kendari by using plane or boat. You also could visit this place from Bali by using chartered flight.

Opening Day/Hour: Like any other islands in Indonesia, there is no official time for visiting Wakatobi. All you need to do is paying attention to the schedule of the plane that is going to bring you to this place.

Entrance Fee: There is no entrance fee either. You could enter the place without have to pay any entrance fee and save your cash for the accommodations such as plane’s ticket, foods, or souvenirs.

Street Direction to Location: The place is only could be reached by plane or boat so there is no street direction that you need to know. You might need street direction while you’re on the islands and it’s not so hard to find out where you should go since the place is quite small.

Do n Don’ts: The first thing that you should do is of course diving. You also could visit the local village to see the lives of local people. You might also buy several interesting souvenirs on this village. Try not to bring anything from the reef or underwater since it’s really prohibited. You also couldn’t surf on this place since the water doest support this type of activity. And please don’t throw any type of disposal on the water since it could ruin its ecosystem.