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Where to Find Coprs Flower?

Indonesia is a country which is famous because it has so many unique cultures and traditional arts. Besides having so many traditional attractions, Indonesia also has some natural attractions that cannot be found in other countries in the world, such as bunga bangkai or corpse flower. What makes is so unique? Let’s check it out.

Rafflesia Arnoldii (Corps Flower)

Rafflesia Arnoldii (Corps Flower)

Usually every flower has good smell as its attractive point, but not with bunga bangkai or corpse flower. Actually the appearance of this flower is not as terrible as its name. Bunga bangkai is categorized as unique flower since it has a very large and huge sheath which has bright and loud colors such as purple or red. Its root can grow more than 5 meters that is why it is claimed as the biggest flower in the world. Some people may get confused with Rafflesia arnoldi flower since both of them are big sized flower, but Raflesia Arnoldi is less big than this flower. The name “corpse flower” comes because this flower releases a terrible smell like a corpse. This smell is aimed to attract insect or fly to come to this flower and then it will eat them.

Bunga bangkai was found in Bengkulu and it becomes it is the original plant from this place. Since this flower becomes is rarely found these days, Bengkulu people try to make a reservation in this place, but now bunga bangkai can be found in many places around the world. It happens because there are so many demands to import this flower to their countries.