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Wonosobo, a Peaceful City between Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing

Wonosobo city is located in the Prefecture of Wonosobo, and Wonosobo city is the capital city of this Prefecture, located in the middle of the Central Java, Indonesia, Wonosobo is a high land region in Central Java. Wonosobo city is near with Prefecture of Magelang and Prefecture of Temanggung in the east, Prefecture of Purworejo in the south, Prefecture of Kebumen and Prefecture of Banjarnegara in the west, also the Prefecture of Batang and the Prefecture of Kendal in the North. By those strategic location between big important cities in Central Java makes Wonosobo is a strategic location for trading and transportation.

kebun teh

Tea Garden Wonosobo

Wonosobo city in the past was the territory of Yogyakarta kingdom. Wonosobo city was stood in the 24 July 1825. Wonosobo held the important role when happeded the Java war in the 1825. Java war which was raised by prince Diponegoro, the son of the Yogyakarta king, Hamengkubuwono II. As the territory of Yogyakarta Kingdom in the past, Kebumen with its people also fought against the Dutch colony along with prince Diponegoro, and this war was the biggest war in Java made Dutch lost economically and military.

tea garden

Tea Garden

Wonosobo culture is a traditional Javanese culture style from Yogyakarta, since in the past; Wonosobo was the territory under the Yogyakarta kingdom, so the Javanese traditional culture is the same with Yogyakarta style. Up until now, the traditional Javanese culture which has Yogyakarta style can be seen and discovered in Wonosobo. Besides culture, Wonosobo is also famous by the high lands area; there are many tea gardens in there with the higlands fresh air you can enjoy there. The view in the tea garden is amazing. Besides the tea garden, there is also a waterfall that is Sikarim water fall. This is a famous water fall in Wonosobo.


Wonosobo City

The transportation in Wonosobo city is dominated by the road transportation. The road transportation is the main transportation in Wonosobo. Since Wonosobo is located in the middle of Central Java, the road transportation in Wonosobo is many, from the bus station as the stop of the buses from every region in Java, and the train station as the stop of the trains from every city in Java. If you are looking for the air transportation, in Wonosobo there is no air port, the airport is only in Yogyakarta that is Adi Sucipto air port, the distance is about less than 100 Km from Yogyakarta.